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About Us

PROSTO WIND POWER grew out of a desire to reduce dependence on fossil fuels while simultaneously reducing air pollutants. 

The team of Prosto, pursued the positive impact of wind energy, and felt that improvements over existing technology were possible, and so, they worked with partners in Poland for more than ten years developing  technology which is now being deployed across various regions of the world.   

The Prosto group focused on a vertical axis technology over conventional horizontal axis technology.  The team liked the efficiencies offered by vertical axis wind turbines, but were not satisfied by some of the limitations of existing technology, so they focused on developing a wind turbine technology to address their concerns, and more specifically: 

• Maintainability – develop a turbine that required minimal maintenance which, when necessary, could be performed by technicians having routine technical skills;  

• Efficiency – harness available wind resources over a greater wind speed range in the most efficient manner possible; 

• Expandability – satisfy a wide range of energy requirements without requiring major equipment changeout; 

• Environmental impact– reduce bird kill, reduce noise, and minimize the visual impact to the community; 

• Life Cycle Cost – be capable of generating energy for decades, so as to minimize the LCC. 

The end result was the patented Prosto vertical axis direct-coupled wind turbine technology, which could be transported to its intended installation site in modules, without requiring special permits.  Being direct coupled to the electric generator, the system efficiency exceeds that of the traditional horizontal style turbines, and will reliably deliver renewable energy over a prolonged life, with superior performance, and greater efficiency.   Designed for simple installation and easy maintenance the Prosto Wind Turbines reduce the costly upkeep associated with traditional horizontal axis wind equipment, and system output can be increased in 10kW increments up to 90 kW per stack, with no generator changeout required.  Finally, these new turbines are low noise (less than 6dB over background) and are environmentally friendly to the public & wildlife. 

Prosto received its first patents (P.319945 and P.394367) in 2011, and the first turbine, rated at 30 kW, was installed in Gdansk, Poland in 2014.  Since then, Prosto Wind Power has installed over 2 MW of power in Poland, with additional projects under development in Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean, and Asia.   

The first 40 kW US installation is currently underway at an agricultural farm in up-state NY, with testing underway, Prosto expects to receive its AWEA 9.1 Certification in July 2018.


Prosto Wind Turbines provides full technical support through all phases of a project, and each system includes a full training package for installers, operators, & maintenance personnel.